The Fantasy Football League You Probably Don’t Care About

Stop overreacting!! It’s only week 2, there are still many football games to be played. But man, week 2 in fantasy football was just horrible. I am in 4 leagues that I care. Some may think that’s a lot of leagues or some think that’s nothing. For those that think in the latter kudos to you guys don’t know how you guys do it. Fantasy football is one of the most frustrating things you can ever do.

I listen to Fantasy Focus Football podcast with Matthew Berry, Nate Ravitz, Stephania Bella and Podvader. It’s one of if not the best podcast out their for nonsense and fantasy football advice. I read the rankings ESPN to see how the experts think certain players will perform. One of my favorite articles to read regarding fantasy football is Matthew Berry’s Love/Hate column. I do all this research making sure I got my studs and my sleepers to ensure I win my fantasy league. This is the part were I let you all know that I am the reigning Champion in one of my leagues.

After every draft I thought I had a solid team. In week 1 I went 2-2 in my four fantasy leagues. So I was feeling good going .500 in week 1. Now in week 2 it was a different story, I went 0-4 for several reasons. Let me list them here for you:
– AJ Green getting hurt
– Vereen getting no touches for some odd reason after getting tons of work in week 1
– Gronk getting no love from Tom Brady. This is really about Brady not playing like Brady. It cost me.
– Carson Palmer not playing. Yes, you read that correctly. Palmer not playing hurt me because I have Michael Floyd who had a great week 1 but couldn’t get a ball thrown his way.
– The Seattle defense had a bad day and it didn’t help Carolina defense went off.
– Sproles had a beast of a game and got 37.31 points for me unfortunately I needed 37.33 to win (37.32 to tie)

I am now 1-1 in two of my leagues and 0-2 in the other two leagues after week 2. I lost by .01 points. Let me repeat I lost by .01 points!!! It drives me crazy that I came so close but fell .01 points short! Are you kidding!!! My only hope is that the league in which I was playing in would adjust the scoring but that didn’t happen. So what do you do after a heartbreaking loss! You remind yourself that it’s only week 2, there is still plenty of time to improve your team and make the playoffs. All is not lost. The silver lining is that even in a defeat like the one I suffered could strike fear in my future opponents because now they know no lead is safe while playing me. Oh well I’ll get over this defeat.

There you have it a quick little preview into the Fantasy Football Leagues you don’t really dare about.


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