If the Dodgers win but it’s not on TV, did it really happen?

“It’s time for Dodger base…” oh wait, not really. Why? Because I can’t watch them on TV! And, odds are, you can’t either.

Last summer, the team signed a decades-long TV contract for an inordinate amount of money which led to, among other things, resigning star Clayton Kershaw. In principle, good idea. But, this came with a cost. No more baseball on KCAL9, who coincidentally came off of losing the Lakers a year prior. Fox Sports Net, our regional sports channel, lost out on every local team except the Clippers. Have DIRECTV or Dish? You’re not having any luck either, save for the 4 minute look-in on the MLB Channel. Greater Los Angeles is completely blacked out.

This is a problem for many reasons — sponsors, fans, even politicians are getting in the middle of it — but the most obvious issue to me is a more sentimental one. The most beautiful thing about sports is the notion that everyone can stand behind one common goal, one rallying cry. Gone are the days when people young and old, rich and poor can take in the American pastime.  Welcome to the future– Los Angeles, the second largest TV market in the country have a potential World Series candidate– that 70% of the city can’t watch. As we head into the playoffs, it is time to come to the conclusion:fIf the Dodgers win the NL West this year, will it really matter?

Take me back to the old days. I would rather have an underachieving team that I can follow than a contender no one can stand behind.


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